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Kayak Roll Class

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Beginner Kayak Roll Lessons in Richmond, VA

This kayak roll class is great for beginners not familiar with rolling, beginners looking to try kayaking, and intermediates looking for roll instruction.

Learn the various techniques for rolling a kayak in a calm environment. We also work on hand rolls and combat rolls with intermediate paddlers.

We will be hosting these clinics every other Friday evening at Bellemeade Community Center in colder weather. Arrive early to check in and change if you are taking instruction with us. Instruction begins at 5pm and will go until 7pm.

If you are a seasoned kayaker and wish to use the pool at your own leisure there is also an open pool option for a reduced price.

Due to COVID-19, if you arrive to the pool without prior notice you may be turned away depending on the number of people who have signed up in advance.