We offer whitewater kayak rentals for experienced paddlers or customers who have taken a course with us.
Flat water kayaks can be rented by anyone.  We can help you decide on a location to paddle with your friends or family.


If you are interested in renting a kayak, contact us at rvapaddlesports@gmail.com or call us at 804-898-0697 to check for availability.  You can arrange pick-up at our shop at 1320 School St. or request a meet-up time in the afternoons at Deep Bottom Park.

For other equipment please provide your height and weight so we can be sure to pull the appropriate sizes before your arrival.

We can get up to 2 kayaks or one tandem on top of most any car without racks using pads and straps.  Trucks and racks make the process easier.


Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) –  $50 a day includes pump, pfd, paddle, fins

Whitewater Kayak Demo – $35 per day boat only, $50 Full Kit,  $70 for full weekend (with kit)

Flat water Kayak plus full kit (helmet, pfd, skirt, paddle) – $50 per single kayak, $80 for tandem (If scheduled we can provide deliver

Wetsuits & splash tops – $15 per day, $25 for full weekend

Discounts are available for longer rentals and rentals of 3 or more boats.