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Atlantic Sturgeon Kayak Tour

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Come enjoy a totally unique experience!

Join us for a flatwater kayaking trip on the James River, during the Atlantic Sturgeon spawning season! Open to paddlers of all experience levels, our knowledgeable instructors will guide your trip at Osborne Landing where sturgeon have been frequently spotted jumping out of the water. A treat for any nature enthusiast, outdoors lover, or those looking for a relaxing float with bits of excitement – this tour has a bit of something for everyone!

Atlantic Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus) which have been around for tens of millions of years, return to their place of origin to reproduce. They are anadromous, which means that they migrate to freshwater rivers to spawn before returning back to the ocean. Averaging 9 feet long and 180-250 pounds, sturgeon can be found from southern Canada to Florida.

The presence of the species in the James River is a remarkable feat. In the early 1900’s, the James experienced a great amount of pollution due to industrialization and the associated population growth. This, along with the massive fishing market dating back to the 1600’s, reduced the Sturgeon population to the point of being recognized on the endangered species list in 2012. The ever-growing population of sturgeon in the James can be attributed to the Clean Water Act of 1972, the 1974 ban on sturgeon fishing, and extended efforts from many organizations to help reduce pollution in our waterways. Efforts to restore the historic populations and document existing populations have been ongoing for the last decade or so with local, state, and national agencies working together.

Information about the Atlantic Sturgeon was gained with permission from the James River Association.