Intro to Kayaking Class

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Halfday Kayaking
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Two Day Kayaking
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Learn the Basics and Progress Your Kayaking Skills

Half-Day Kayaking

This intro to kayaking class is great for people who are new to whitewater kayaking or who have some experience in flat water and/or canoeing.

We will meet at the Reedy Creek Canoe before driving you up to our starting point below Pony Pasture. The first half will focus on stroke technique and practice in flat water.

We will build your skills up and transition to the Class I & II rapids of the Upper James River. Enjoy Powhite Ledges, Choo – Choo, and Coopers Riffle as you pass under the iconic bridges of Richmond, Virginia.

Two-Day Kayaking

From wet exit to Eskimo rolls and flatwater strokes to navigating whitewater, this course will take a comprehensive approach to paddling.

Day one will be spent mostly on flat water ending with a paddle down the Class II Upper James.

Day two will build on the skills from day one as participants learn more about controlling their boats on the river. This course will cater to the progression of each student in order to maximize their experience.

Over two days of instruction you will progress from paddling your boat in flat water with various strokes to safely navigating Class II whitewater of the Upper James. We will also spend time both days working with you on your Eskimo roll.

The intro to kayaking course will be primarily focused on the Upper James between Pony Pasture and Reedy Creek. The first part of the course will be primarily on flat water and as your skills progress, we will move to Class I – II – and possibly III whitewater.